Tuesday, 31 May 2011

5 pounds

Well, I would never have believed it but I joined WeightWatchers last week, AND..........
My care co-ordinator weighed me today and I've lost 5 pounds!!  With hardly any effort at all!
This has really boosted me, and I thank the Lord for helping me do this.
I know some weeks might be hard but this week I feel good!  And I lost an inch off my waist!

Well back onto this week.  Yesterday was so very hard for me.  Depression took hold and I felt ike cutting.  I didn't, I remembered how I regret it hours later.  Somehow I got through last night. 
My last overdose was in Febuary.  And this time THIS TIME, I didn't feel like overdosing during my wee bout of depression.
Normally my depression lasts months so I am doing remarkably well, praise Jesus.

I know I should be writing more on this post, but I'm stumped as to what to say.
This blogging lark aint as easy as it sounds!

Oh........thanks Jenny for following my wee blog! 
Jenny is my best friend apart from Jesus  She has helped me through some very tough times and never once shouted at me.  I love her very much.

Lizzie x

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Under Rug Swept (Hands Clean)


Hi there,
My name is Lizzie.  I am a Christian woman, 33 years of age and I am not particuarly normal.
Why?   I have suffered with severe depression since  was 13,  I also have social phobia and Emotionally Unstable Personality DIsorder....oh and psychotic pisodes.  The last bit will scare you off me completely. 
I don't hear voices commanding me to kill, or to hurt anyone other than myself.
I am on a variety of meds that control a lot of my symptomns and thankfully they don't make me a zombie until I take my sleepers.
I plan to add youtube music videos, lyyrics and poetry (including my own) here.

Thanks for stopping by!