Monday, 20 February 2017

The Joy of Crazy Crazy Nights!

I love this song!!! It stands for us all! Recently I've been on my way to starting new things. Work wise, health wise, faith wise. The start of each of ongoing. As they will take time. So I've been listeningbtomthis song ever sings the unknown has started to leave phones alone, here's a pic of it calling before!

So you are a "superstar" - get off the cross, we need the wood:



Wanted to add some cool Queen songs! 

"Pictures of Crippen lipstick's a no no to your coffee!!"


Me doing a selfie the wrong way lol

My mum out on Sunday with her broken foot healing! 

So it is. Jog on!

 There be


 that my posse can do.......

I will move all mountains that stand in my path.... 

You bless us. All the lyricists . 

Thank you Jesus!

"SHE Was born in the Winter of her 38th year"
Thant moment you know you know you know. I have a huge appreciation of love life and nature now.

And since I'm allowed to go anywhere in the world....

Do inbox me you're one (ok maybe two songs) song that you can't help but feel a deep connection to!

My intelligent cute cat! 

HOpe you all have a great week, Hermits!  Xxxx

I made this mistake last year. I've more street smarts now than they have.
Poor them, even a PHD can go to waste.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

"I'll sue ya"


Where'd you learn how to Steer?
IYou do eighty in second gear
When you drive, I can't relax 
Got your license from Cracker Jack
You just hit another tree  
These fender benders are killing me

She drives like crazy
Like noone els
And I'm afraid for my life 
They'll put you behind bars
We're not playin' bumper cars
Did a great figure eight....
In the middle of the interstate

Tires squeel wherever we go
Even hitchhikers just say no!
She drives like crazy
Her car's a mess
She's got a death wish I guess
She's a demon
Behind the wheel
Thinks she's drivin'
The Bat Mobile
Passin' "semi-"s on the right
Now my knuckles are turnin' whit
💖She drives like crazy
She'll break our necks
She drives like  crazy
And I fear for myself.

Aww I should a been a lyricist and married ALW LOL
Well the day has been slow since mum broke her toe. Bless her she keeps trying tonslw to get the
pain away. take lithium too? Don't in make you more stable? In muy case my soh is wicked, playful and grateful to all whose helped me. It does NOT make  me violent, I'll be a staff member having
volunteer work for homeless people soon. This I could never have done without my meds, as you all
know I used to live in a shelter, this is my chance to give back, with pure love and if you
take lirhium please iinbox me! they have helped! how about we all meet up for a pub crawl sometime in the up near future? Let's allantalk and meet and greet in person?

It's funny, what I've written above totally explains how it feel to be stuck in a car on a long ride
knowing the person driving probably couldn't walk a straight line...

And that's with no booze!
I'm  making light of this because I can't  do anything else.mive done crying about Hell inncalifornia.
white knuckle ride in a different country. Mum was so apparelled when I explained how I was feeling
so close to death and so sick to death of weird untrue stories of mortals giving her a car crash 3 times in one week.,.. Call me weird, but from what I saw the blame would never lay on anyone else.

I'm trying to go deeper into faith, I'm starting to believe the church I attend is not all it seems.
people could be transparent, and loyal to their loyal congregation it would be great.  I remember Elim
being much better, a hands up to God and you could not only see the live but feel theri excit I wish I could have let myself go instead of being guarded
I hope my new faith choice which is something I want dearly will be the answer. I'm feeling more comfort as a human with real feeling. Especially if it rains!

And some songs ep are for us - those with mental illnesses and this who still let go in a good sway, after because we are who we are who we are !!!!!!!

Before that here's somethings also relevant! I've turned into the Wild Child I've always dreamed I'd

be again

This song reminds me of my love of rain.
Always found blessings amd calm sent by nature, life and God. So does Enya.

  We are who we are! 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Don't get my sympathy hanging out the 15th floor

We get knocked down, but we get up again - you're never gonna keep us down.

To all of my HH family, you are perfect to me xxx

You're gonna hear me ROAR!!!

I've had another good meeting with my cpn, now I have to say, this post may contain strong worded memes (LOL) and maybe songs unexpected.
This is because my cpn, who was so helpful, said I have to nurture my inner child, perhaps more now than ever. I'll just call her she. He says she's still innocent, but we must try to find a balance between her trusting everything said to me, and making her aware that I must become more aware of the dangers in life, the sickness of others that is plain evil, and learning more about myself.
So I'm letting some of my emotions out here, about people, about life and myself.
I'm glad to say I'm doing so well mentally, that I couldn't even break IN to the lakes even if I wanted 
to lol. Any nonsense about me being sick is complete lies by someone sicker than anyone I'd even met during my stays in the lakes.    
It feels good to know I'm not nuts, freeing, and a feeling of pride.
He says I've been through so much recently, and, well, it's fab!
To anyone who says I'm nuts (you know who you are) here's a meme for you! Thanks D for the stolen meme lol.

And here's a shoutout to my restless inner child! I think I will travel again this year! A real adventure!

And my "God will judge you" child!


Yes I'm into putting up movie monsters right now lol.

If you've made it this far....congratulations lol, I'm very into everything at the moment, and now it's the turn of memes! 
I should say in over a month I may be hai g my interview to help the homeless, something you know s close to my heart! I'm really excited!!!!

My son says hello!!! 
Love ya's xxxx

"Get up and see the sarcasm in my eyes!"

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Yes! I do feel better!

A lovely song Aabove I thought of this morning while my cpn was here!

"I feel well enough to tell you what you can do with what you've got to offer"


Well, this mornings chat with my cpn was great, we talked about my trusting to wrong people too much. I must agree. He had said it before, and we went through the "dome" thing - thank you! He says I'm progressing greatly as my nightmares are not as frequent.
We also talked about an 'unknown' classed by the people in authority here as "dangerous" and The Lakes are now hanging up on her every call! It's so fab to know the place where I'd found comfort and sometimes hostility (usually from my own mind before I was put on the right medication that really have changed my moods for the good for my waistline though! Haha!) 
I've been told, and I have got to agree, that she no longer has a hold over my life, her words about me are not taken seriously by anyone here I the mental health etc places as they had already known I didn't have it in me to Physically harm anyone, unless it was a dire life threatening situation. 
I didn't even know I was incapable, I had always considered myself strong and ready to fight but 
frankly, when someone is doing everything to make you hurt them, and you've been told by them they 
live for the next lawsui (and with it some sort of more infamy) you know what would hurt them to the NOT hitting them. And it doesn't take a smart person to realise this, as I'm not!  It
So what's done is done, I'm happy. Happy where I'm in a safe place and know for sure that various places here and abroad have my back. 
So I'm going to put up eclectic videos that I love, because my cpn is happy with me and my progress, that the mental health team are, too. That I actually do have a life, took me a while to realise it. That because of the  "dome" thing I'm ok,  and I look forward to the future! Thanks goes to my mates on and offline,  the people who have my best interests at heart, those who also understand me. 
Ps, mums been put on morpbine pain patches and is not sure how it's going. Bless her.
Don't slow down - you're gonna crash!

I found my Savannah in Britain! 

"You'll be fine as long as your pretty face holds out, then it's gonna get pretty cold out"